Stunning Summer Salads Recipe E-Book


Quite possibly the only 10 salad recipes you will ever need.  Perfect for summer entertaining, family gatherings, special occasions as well as for every day, they’ll fast become your trusty reliables this year & every year!

What’s inside?

10 super sassy Summer Salad Recipes to have up your sleeve:

  • Rustic Slaw + No Mayo Slaw
  • Moroccan Couscous
  • Lentil, Feta & Pecan Salad
  • Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Med Roast Veg, Feta & Grains
  • Savage Potato Salad
  • Sesame Asian Noodles & Greens
  • Beetroot, Quinoa & Goats Cheese
  • Italian Pasta Salad
  • Mexican Rice & Bean Salad
Total: 10.00


BBQ Feast Recipe E-Book


10 seriously savage BBQ recipes you need in your life!

Lip smackingly delicious and perfect for outdoor and indoor cooking too, they’ll fast become your go-to BBQ staples this summer & every summer!

What’s inside?

  • 10 seriously savage BBQ Feast Recipes to have up your sleeve:
  • Sticky Chicken Wings
  • Savage BBQ Pork Ribs
  • Chipotle Spuds; Charred Asparagus,
  • Griddled Courgette; Buttery Corn
  • Spiced Yogurt Chicken Kebabs
  • The Ultimate Beefburger!
  • Blackened Fish Skewers
  • Steak with Chimichurri
  • Halloumi Lollipops
  • Lemon & Lime Salmon
  • Lamb Koftes
Total: 10.00




Simple Recipes to nail Christmas this year & every year!

Welcome to my guide on how to create fuss-free food at Christmas that tastes ab-fab too!

Sharing delicious food is such a huge part of the festive season & I want to make your life as easy as possible by sharing what I do in my own kitchen, the Cookalicious kitchen, with you!

You know I love to cook dishes that are simple, that are easy to recreate & that fit in with real life.

This is ‘Fuss-Free Fabulous Food’ for you & your crew at Christmas. Great recipes that you can trust this year & every year!

What’s Included:

  • 15 Christmas Recipes + 3 Bonus Recipes – to cover Christmas Dinner, the days before & the days that follow
  • Tips, Tricks & Make Ahead advise PLUS Cheats Hacks because I live in the real world too!
  • Timings, Cooking Guides AND a pretty comprehensive GROCERY SHOPPING LIST
  • My Organisation Guide including planning the days coming up to & including the Big Day itself.

The Recipes:

  • Lazy Mazy Grazing Board
  • Smoked Salmon, Avo & Beet Salad
  • The Big Bird
  • Baked Christmas Ham
  • Best Roasties Ever
  • Braised Spiced Red Cabbage
  • Honey Roast Root Veggies
  • Posh Sprouts + Plain Jane Sprouts
  • Savage Stuffing
  • Glorious Gravy
  • Plum Pudding Ice Cream + Toffee Sauce
  • Trifle 2022
  • Ham & Smashed Spuds Hash
  • Thai Green Turkey Curry
  • Brie, Turkey & Cranberry Tart
  • *3 Bonus Recipes – A Gift 4 You:
  • Epic Christmas Toastie
  • Cracking Cranberry Sauce
  • Mulled Wine for the Masses
Total: 14.95


Hearty Winner Dinners


Staple Winner Dinners to feed you and your Crew!

  • Honey and Ginger Chicken
  • Italian Meatballs
  • Sausage and Squash Pasta Bake
  • Mighty Bean Chilli
  • Cheats Paella
Total: 10.00


Transform Your Everyday Cooking E-Books

Recipe E-Book + ingredient list + Bonus Tips, Tricks and Variations

Do you want to bring your cooking back to life? Do you want recipes you can trust? Do you want recipes that are reliable, tried & tested & fuss-free? Do you want recipes for all occasions? Do you want recipes with ingredients that are easy to get? Do you want a bank of recipes? Do you want the entire shopping list of everything you need to create them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have the solution for you!

Buy a ‘Transform Your Everyday Cooking’ Recipe Pack from our E-Book Series! We have heaps of themes for you to choose from!

You’ll be inspired to try new recipes that are tried & trusted & turn out brilliantly every time! You’ll learn how to cook my fabulous recipes, get bonus tips & tricks but more importantly you’ll get the shopping list of ingredients you need to cook everything too! I’ll share my knowhow to help you bring new life to your everyday cooking in an easy do-able way!

What is it?

The E-Book Series is a collection of Recipe Packs including the full Ingredients Shopping List for each E-Book. It is designed to make your life as easy as pie & get you started on the road to transforming your everyday cooking! There are xx Recipe Packs to choose from. Each Pack includes 5 super delicious, tried & tested recipes plus you’ll get my secret tips and tricks on how to easily adapt each recipe to make even more variations as well as my handy shopping list to download and bring shopping with you – all in one super pack. Now that promises to make weekly shopping & cooking a doddle! You simply do not need to think about it!

The E-Books are specifically designed for people who want to re-energise their everyday cooking but don’t want a class or a course or to sign up to a subscription service. They need new recipes & mealtime ideas & want a list of exactly what ingredients they need to buy. They don’t want to spend time thinking about it. They need recipes they know they can trust & just want it done!

How does it work?

Check out the E-Book Series & choose the Recipe Pack for you. 

Purchase your Recipe Pack & get ready to re-boot mealtimes! You will receive a PDF E-Book of all your recipes & full instruction plus the shopping list of all the ingredients you need. You can upload the list to your online supermarket of choice or download & bring with you when you are grocery shopping. Follow the step-by step instructions on each recipe to jazz up your cooking & put some soul back into it!

What are the benefits? Why do it?

Buying a Recipe Pack Starter Kit will give you: