DIY Cooking Courses

Do you want to transform your everyday cooking & bring it back to life? Do you want recipes with video tutorials to accompany them? Do you want video tutorials that guide you step by step through the recipe & that you can watch or cookalong to at a time that suits you? Do you want access to a user-friendly cooking course loaded with bonus tips, tricks, variations & knowhow to help you elevate your everyday cooking?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have the solution for you!

Buy a ‘Transform Your Everyday Cooking’ Course from our Series of 5-week courses! We have several courses based on our most popular themes for you to choose from!

You’ll learn how to cook a whole series of new recipes that you can trust, that are reliable, crowd-pleasing & fuss-free. You’ll have access to my fabulous recipes & get video tutorials that will guide you step by step through each recipe & process. You can access any of this anytime you want & as often as you choose. You’ll gets loads of bonus tips & know-how during the video tutorials & I’ll share the inside track on my cooking secrets & cheats tricks with you.

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What is it?

A series of DIY online cooking courses based on our most popular recipes & themes. Designed specifically for people who want to transform their everyday cooking but at a time that suits their lifestyle. The course is a DIY course delivered over 5 weeks. You will receive Recipe Packs and access to the pre-recorded Video Tutorials of each week’s recipes so you can Cookalong with Cookalicious at a time that suits you. This is an add-on to the Cookalicious E-Book Series for people who would like to be guided step by step through the recipes & cooking process.

How does it work?

We have several courses of our most popular themes to choose from. Pick the course that fits your needs – Quick & Easy Family Food, Midweek Meals for Modern Life, World Cuisine Series, Family Food for all occasions, Teen TakeOver in the Kitchen. Purchase your course & get ready to start your culinary adventure. You will receive access to a weekly Recipe Pack & Video Tutorials over 5 weeks. The Recipe Pack will detail each weeks Recipes & the shopping list of ingredients to pick-up beforehand. The video tutorials that accompany each weeks Recipe Pack will provide a step by step guide through cooking each dish. You can watch the video tutorials in your own time, as often as you like & Cookalong & learn with us! Get ready to become a legend in the kitchen!

What are the benefits? Why do it?

During the 5-week Transform Your Cooking Course you will:

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How do we do it?

Via our online learning platform right here on our website.

Who is it for?

Busy people who care about what they cook & what they eat & want to jazz up their cooking but at a time that works around their busy life.

Who is it Not for?

People who are happy to eat the same things week in week out & don’t much care about food.